Admission Management System in School

Admission Management System in School

Introduction :
This project provides online registration system where parents can register their child (student) for the upcoming academic session. Proposed system is an online Registration System which will be accessed by parents, Account Executive and Interview Committee. Based on the role, system should expose relevant options to the user. All the data is maintained in the database management system. Parents should be able to take appointment for the required slot with their own time preference. Parents will not be able to do edit the information once submitted. Account Executive can update the student payment details in case not paid online. He can provide day/slot/class wise payment details for the Interview Committee. Required Reports will be produced.

The following modules are available :

  • Student Registration
  • Login
  • Slot Allocation
  • Payments
  • Interview
  • Reports
  • Change Password

Software Requirements :

  • JDK            : JDK 5/6
  • User Interface        :    HTML
  • Client-side Scripting    :    JavaScript
  • Programming Language    :    Java, J2EE
  • Web Applications    :    Servlets, JSP
  • IDE/Workbench        :    Eclipse
  • Database        :    MySQL5
  • Server Deployment    :    Apache Tomcat 6.x

[ Note - We can change the the technology as per requirement and modules can be customizable ]

Comment by : abhishek singh November 2nd, 2017
Comment : it is very important project work for me

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Comment : very good and neetly

Comment by : gagan August 17th, 2015
Comment : it is very important and helpful project for me.

Comment by : MELVIN CHERIAN April 14th, 2014
Comment : Would be really helpful

Comment by : kalaivanan September 5th, 2013
Comment : easily understand

Comment by : kendra khanal June 20th, 2013
Comment : it is very important project work for me

Comment by : venkatesh jella March 19th, 2013
Comment : Nice but why don't you display the screen shots of every project... Users easily understand the projects

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