Online Banking Management System

Online Banking Management System

Introduction :

Now a days Banking plays a vital role in each and every field. Banking and finance is the base of country’s economy. Bank is a money repository which helps customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds. Earlier in order to perform any banking task, customer was required to be present physically. So it is not possible for everyone to go bank, stand in queue, and do all the transactions. In order to overcome that we have proposed online banking. It saves time, money and resources. Using this we can do any kind of transaction from any corner of the earth within a short period of time.This makes the user friendly and provides more flexibility. The primary goal of this Internet Banking (Online Banking) is to provide thecustomer, a flexible, simple, and high efficient banking transaction without wasting their valuable time in coming to the banks for doing transaction processing.

Modules : There are two types of user can use this module. First "admin" and second "customer". Some modules are common to both the user.

Common module for Administrator/Customer :

  • Login
  • Change Password
  • Logout

Modules for Administrator :

  • New Account Creation
  • Create/reset Internet Password
  • Active/block accounts
  • Check/DD request approval/reject
  • Change Password
  • Reports are available :
    • Transation Activity
    • Account Summary
    • Benificiary Report

Modules for Customer :

  • Account Summary
  • Transaction Activity Report
  • Fund Transfer
  • Benificiary Management
  • Check Request
  • DD Request
  • Edit Profile
  • Change Password

Software Requirements :

  • User Interface : HTML, CSS
  • Client-side Scripting : JavaScript
  • Programming Language : Java, J2EE
  • Web Applications : Struts2
  • IDE/Workbench : Eclipse
  • Database : MySQL Version5
  • Server Deployment : Apache Tomcat 6.X

Below is screen shot for Customer home page :-

Customer Home page


Below is screen shot for Admin home page :-

Customer Home page


[ Note - We can change the the technology as per requirement and modules can be customizable ]

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