Call Parameterized Constructor

public class ParameterConstructorDemo 
	// default constructor
	public ParameterConstructorDemo() 
	System.out.println("This is default constructor");
	// parameterized constructor with one int parameter 
	public ParameterConstructorDemo(int i) 
	System.out.println("This is an int constructor");
	//	parameterized constructor with two int parameter 
	public ParameterConstructorDemo(int i,int j) 
	System.out.println("This is two int constructor");
	public static void main(String[] args) 
		// create object without parameter
		new ParameterConstructorDemo();
		// create object with two int parameter
		new ParameterConstructorDemo(10,20);
// output - 
// This is default constructor
// This is two int constructor


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