Test Publishing Server

Test Publishing Server

Test Publishing Server

Step 1: Start Oracle Weblogic Admin Server

Step 2: Start Oracle Weblogic Managed Server - atgpubserver

Step 3: Specify the WebLogic Username - weblogic and Password - weblogic1234
Weblogic username and password is created while creating Domain on Weblogic server. I have used the above credentials, it can be different in your case.

Step 4: Open ATG dynamo admin page in browser - http://localhost:7103/dyn/admin [the Weblogic port 7103 is configured during ATG configuration in CIM ]. It will required user name for ATG and WebLogic Server. I have used ATG username - admin [It is default ] and password - Mypassword@123 and WebLogic username - weblogic and password - weblogic1234. It is created while configure ATG through CIM and weblogic domain creation. It can be different in your your.

After login with valid credential, You will get the below ATG Dynamo Admin Page-

Step 5: Open ATG ACC ( ATG Control Centre ). Click ATG Control Centre Administration and you will get the below screen. Here you have two options, it can be open on same JVM ( Server's JVM) or Seperate JVM. Click on Start ACC in Server JVM.

Step 6: Specify the ATG user credentials; Username - admin and Password - Mypassword@123.

You will get the below screen after entering the valid ATG credential.

Step 7: Open ATG BCC (Business Control Centre) in browser - http://localhost:7103/atg/bcc

You will get ATG BCC interface as below-

[Note - ATG BCC is not not available on Production server be default. ]

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