Important Terminologies

Oracle Commerce Platform : The group of software products referred to as Oracle ATG Web Commerce in earlier versions

Core Platform : The foundation modules for the Oracle Commerce Platform; these include the Dynamo Application Framework (DAF), Personalization, and Scenarios modules.

Core Commerce : The module that adds commerce-specific elements to the platform, including elements for managing catalogs, orders, and promotions. Formerly referred to as DCS.

Oracle Commerce Platform installation : Collective name for the tools, files, classes, etc. used for developing and assembling JEE applications.

Oracle Commerce Platform application : A piece of software installed independent of the platform, which can be included as a module or set of modules in a Nucleus-based application.

Oracle Commerce Platform server : A configuration layer that is available to be added to other configuration layers by the application assembler when assembling an EAR.

Dynamo Server Admin : Web pages used to configure and monitor the Oracle Commerce Platform installation.

ATG Component : A Java object instance of a specific configuration for a JavaBean that is registered with Nucleus. It is the basic building block for all processing of information that flows between users and a website.

Nucleus-based application : An assembled EAR file created out of components managed by the Nucleus component manager, running on the application server.

ATG Repository : The core of the ATG Data Anywhere Architecture is the Repository API. It is used to access disparate data types, including SQL databases, LDAP directories, content management systems, and file systems.

RQL (Repository Query Language ) : It is generic language for formulating queries like; SQL.DAF includes two RQL servlet bean classes, atg.repository.servlet.RQLQueryForEach and atg.repository.servlet.RQLQueryRange.

ACC (ATG Control Center) : It is SWING based Java application based on RMI to manage ATG components. One copy is installed automatically with the ATG platform. It can be install seperately on other system to access ATG platform remotely.

BCC (Business Control Center) : It is a web based application that allows marketers and others to create and edit many of the elements required to maintain an ATG-based Web site.
It is used for -
  • ATG Content Administration activities
  • Management of ATG Personalization assets
  • Management of the profiles required by ATG Business Control Center users

The BCC is also used as the starting point for launching several ATG applications, including the following:
  • ATG Merchandising
  • ATG Outreach
  • ATG Service applications
  • ATG Campaign Optimizer

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