Deploy ATG Project

Now time is to deploy application on Application Server.
First I will create Enterprise Application Platform(.ear) file after that will deploy on WebLogic Server through WebLogic Admin Server console.
The .ear file can be created through Ant build file also. The runAssembler.bat command is used is used to create .ear file.

The syntax for the command is: runassembler option output-file-name m dynamo-module-list

Step 1: Create .ear file using runassembler ATG command tool as below. It will create MyATGProject1.ear file which is used to deploy on WebLogic server.

Step 2: Start WebLogic Admin server and Managed Server - atgpubserver server. I have already discussed in previous section, how to start ATG publishihg server. Access WebLogic Admin Server in browser - http://localhost:7001/console and go to deployments and delete the default application deployed - atgpub.ear.

Step 3: Deploy MyATGProject1.ear on publishing server(atgpubserver). Go to Deployments and select the MyATGProject1.ear file from c:ATGWebLogic-Apps as below -

Step 4: Click Next -

Step 5: Select the Publishing Server - atgpubserver and click Next -

Step 6: Click next -

Step 7: Click Finish to installion.

Step 8: Click Active Changes to complete installation steps.

Step 9: Access application in browser. Open the URL - http://localhost:7103/myatgproject1/index.jsp in browser. You will get the below default ATG page -

You have completed deployed ATG project on ATG Publishing Server successfully.


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