Create ATG Project

Create ATG Project in Eclipse

Before creating ATG Project, make sure ATG Plugin must be installed in Eclipse and set ATG installation directory for ATG Preferences

Follow the below steps to create and run the ATG Project
Step 1: Create ATG Module.

Step 2: Specify the Project name MyATGProject1. It will be created in ATG installation directory(c:ATGATG11.3MyATGProject1)-

Step 3: Click Next

Step 4: BY default DAS, DPS and DSS module selected. No need to add any extra module right now. Click Next-

Step 5: Change Default output folder - MyATgProject1/classes and click Next and Finish.

Step 6: Click Finish and get the below directory structure -

Step 7: Check the META-INFMANIFEST.MF file as below -

Step 7: Create Ant build file - build.xml.

Step 8: check the build.xml file as below -

Step 9: Update META-INFMANIFEST.MF file as below -
Manifest-Version: 1.0
ATG-Config-Path: config/
ATG-Required: DAS DPS DSS DafEar.Admin DCS.PublishingAgent
ATG-J2EE: j2ee-apps/myatgproject1-jee
ATG-EAR-Module: j2ee-apps/myatgproject1-jee
ATG-Class-Path: classes

Step 10: Configure datasource configuration file -[ optional ]
Create file as below
[Note - these folders are not created, create atgdynamoservicejdbc folder as below]
# /atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/JTDataSource
#Tue Aug 22 12:58:25 IST 2017

Step 11: Create as below
# /atg/dynamo/service/jdbc/DirectJTDataSource
#Tue Aug 22 12:59:32 IST 2017

Step 12: Assemble MyATGProject1 application and deploy on publishing server
Create Ant build file as below -
"1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
"MyATGProject1" default="MyATGProject1deply">
  "MyATGProject1deply" depends="delMyATGProject1">
      "-server atgpubserver C:/jboss-eap-6.4.0/jboss-eap-6.4/standalone/deployments/atgpubserver/MyATGProject1.ear -m MyATGProject1" />
    Dynamusic Completed

Show Ant view - Window -> show View -> Other and get below screen -

Add build.xml file in Ant view -

Run build.xml file and get below output -

Create ATG Project in Eclipse

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