Install Plugin in Eclipse

Step 1: Set Java path in Eclipse.
Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs -> Select JREs and click Click Edit and update JDK path as below.

Step 2: Open Eclipse and Help -> Install New software -> Add
Type Name : ATGPlugin and select ATGUpdateSite.jar from ATG Commerce installation directory and Click OK

Step 3: You will the below screen, select the plugin component and Click Next -

Step 4: Click Next -

Step 5: Accept License Agreement and click Finish.

Step 6: You will get one warning message, click Ok and ignore it.

Step 7: Click yes to restart the Eclipse

Open ATG Perspective and change ATG Commerce home directory -

Step 1: Open ATG Perspective : Window -> Open Perspective -> Other

Step 2: Select ATG Perspective and click OK

Step 3: Get the get below screen for ATG Plugin

Step 4: Select ATG Preferences and change ATG Installation home directory as below

Install ATG Plugin in Eclipse Guide

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